stock-photo-beautiful-young-asian-muslim-woman-happy-talking-on-mobile-phone-isolated-on-white-background-173085443Seeing a woman consultant is much more appropriate, if not essential for women of some faiths. Not being able to access a female doctor or consultant may mean that they go home without getting potentially serious symptoms checked out and treated.

For devout Muslims, for example, their faith dictates that they should seek out a female Muslim doctor first of all, or if that is not possible, then a female non-Muslim doctor should be their second choice. A male, non-Muslim doctor is the least preferred option.

As a result, many devout Muslim women delay getting any medical treatment for symptoms until they have become severe due to the anxiety of being examined by a male doctor.

Respecting your beliefs

Dr Ana Wilson respects every patient?s right to follow his or her religious beliefs. This includes the option of keeping parts of their body covered during examination, or to be examined with a family member or chaperone present.

Giving you access to medical expertise

As a female consultant in the richly multi-cultural city of London, Dr Wilson is sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of different cultures and faiths, and works hard to ensure that all patients receive the best medical care in a way that does not compromise their religious beliefs or cultural values.